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This site provideseasy access to the permaculture ethics and design principles with cleangraphics and simple explanations by permaculture graphic designprofessional Richard Telford

Central reference point for information about Emergy concepts andaccounting methods as developed by pioneer systems ecologist H.T. Odumwho is frequently referenced in writings by David Holmgren as a primarysource informing the development of permaculture principles

Energy Bulletin
The latest information and opinion from around the media world onenergy related issues including Peak Oil, Climate Change andsustainability solutions.

The Oil Drum
The breaking edge of high quality collaborative energy research. 

Transition Network
A permaculture-inspired whole region planning framework for positive local adaptions to energy descent. 

Zero Carbon Britain
A series of integrated policy strategies for Britain in response to Peak Oil and Climate Change with a 'Green Tech' flavour. 

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For references see the Endnotes section.

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